Knee Pain


Stop Locking Your Knees!


Oh, I don't do that, you say?

I thought the same thing. Turns out, I was. 

One important thing to remember when standing is that you never want to lock your knees. Most everyone says, "Oh, yeah, I never do that." 


I discovered how my posture affected knee pain in Esther Gokhale's class (pictured above). Ever since I took her class, my knee pain has been resolved. 

When we lock our knees, we lose our bodies' basic structure that keeps us in optimal alignment: hips anteverted, back and neck straight, and a strong core. The proper standing structure is essential for proper walking structure. And, if you're a runner, all of this needs to be on point if you care to run without pain!

The next time you wait in line, look at everyone's posture. Most people do one or more things, either locking their knees, slumping their shoulders, or over-arching their backs. Pay attention to what you are doing. Are you doing one of these things?

I can often look at someone's posture and tell where they have pain.


Knees locked, depending on which one, or both, will lead to knee pain. One knee locked and one hip cocked to the side will lead to back pain, usually worse on one side. Or hip pain. Shoulders slumped will lead to shoulder tension, for sure. An over-arched back will also lead to back pain. Chin jutted out will lead to neck pain. The tucked pelvis will lead to hip flexor or piriformis pain.


The next time you're standing in line, take note of your posture, and also, just for fun, check out everyone around you. What do you notice?

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